Congregational Commitment 2020

Each year at Sanctuary, we renew our commitment to each other and the congregation. Those who are willing affirm a shared faith, promise to love and serve one another and the wider world, and pledge themselves to a common congregational commitment.

The commitment is not focused on private spiritual disciplines, but on the attitudes and practices which shape and contribute to life in the body of Christ. Although the commitment includes personal responsibility, if you commit, you are not alone. You share responsibility with the wider body, which also forms, encourages and supports you, and forgives you when your individual efforts fail. There is much grace here.

These are strange times, indeed, but the challenge remains the same as every year: Where are you putting your faith? As restrictions continue and everything remains uncertain, are you putting your life on hold? Are you leaning on the internet or alcohol or denial to get you through each day; are you relying on your social position or wealth; or are you continuing to trust in the Word and the body of Christ to feed, sustain and guide you?

The commitment itself is unchanged from last year. No doubt some parts feel easy for you, while others might make you feel a bit uncomfortable. That’s fine: that’s how this and any faith discipline is supposed to work! So please read it through (here) and consider whether you are willing to commit this year. Perhaps you didn’t commit last year, but now feel ready; perhaps you committed last year, but need to take a step back. Perhaps you just don’t know! If you are unsure or would like to talk any of this through, call me and let’s have a chat.

If you are willing to commit, send me a selfie (with your household if appropriate). I will use this to make a collage of our current congregation, to be used in service slides. Then, if you are able, turn up to our Zoom service on 23 August (our fourth birthday!) ready to put your (Zoom) hand up as we reconstitute our congregation for another year. And, if you would like, bring cake or other festive treats to your screen so we can celebrate our birthday together (if physically apart), with food and drink at the end of this very special service.


Emailed to Sanctuary 29 July 2020 © Alison Sampson, 2020. Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash.


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