Promises, promises

On Saturday I was ordained by the Baptist Union of Victoria. This picture shows the three amigos, aka Katrina Lambert (Albert Park Baptist), me, and Marcus Curnow (Newmarket Baptist). They say it takes a village to raise a child; I reckon it took a city or two to raise this pastor. Thanks to everyone who helped get me there; to everyone who showed up, including a solid 30 from the great South West region of Victoria; and to everyone who took part in the flash choir during the service – it sounded awesome!

Of course, the demands made by ordination are what some describe as an “impossible possibility.” For I have promised to serve as an agent and sign of Jesus Christ; to proclaim the gospel through Word and water, bread and wine; to care pastorally for God’s people, both inside and outside the church; and to honour the wider church, both Baptist and ecumenical; and I have also been charged to do many other things requiring the gifts and patience of a dozen saints. Like all vows, these promises and charges will shape the rest of my life; and, like all vows, I took them knowing there will be many times when I will fail, and will need to be forgiven, and will be asked to try again.

As daunting as this is, some think it’s worth celebrating. This Sunday 28th October, a number of local friends will descend upon us, some for the service and others after the service, to mark the occasion. It would be great, then, if you could bring extra food, and maybe something special e.g. cake, not only so we can celebrate among ourselves, but so we can show generous hospitality to our guests.


PS: I never did show you this super-dorky video, which is how I introduced myself to the BUV in May. As for what I said during the ordination, I will restate and expand upon that during this Sunday’s service.

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