Heaven | Nothing with God is a straight line

Last week, we ran Elliott’s questions about heaven and my (Alison’s) response (here). In my letter to Elliott, I talked about the ideas of ‘everywhere’ and ‘everywhen’. Lucy has since had several conversations with him about these rich Biblical concepts. Here, she shares their wisdom with us all.

I never read Elliott the email at once but kind of chipped away at the general vibe and contents every time he asked the question again.

Eventually I said, ‘Buddy, I think you are thinking of time and place as a straight line. As if where we are now is here, and where we’ll end up in heaven one day is over there. 

‘And you are thinking of the people who can get into heaven as a straight line, and the front of the line get in and some get cut off.

‘But nothing with God is a straight line. God is all about infinity, just like you. [Elliott is quite obsessed with infinity, as a mathematical concept, and has been for literally years.] So time with God isn’t a straight line, it’s always looping back in on itself, God’s in all times at the same time. And place isn’t a straight line either, heaven can loop around and be here now as well as over there then… [I started tracing the symbol of infinity in the air.] And I reckon people being in heaven, it’s not like they’re waiting in a line – it’s just always looping back to them also. So right now your friends might not believe in God, you’re right -’

And then he finished my sentence for me, perfectly, as he very often does these days ‘- but at some point when they’re ready they might loop into it.’


Emailed to Sanctuary 8 June 2022 © Sanctuary, 2022. Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash

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