What next? A conversation

So we spent most of last year switching and changing and cancelling and adapting and being flexible, and then kicked off this year doing the same thing. Urgency compelled this, but we need to pause, take a breath, and reflect together. Therefore, the leadership team invites you to a church conversation on Sunday 28 February, to be held in the carpark during our usual service time.

This will be an opportunity to:

1. Reflect on our experience of church last year. There will be time to remember the year and to name some of the things which were good and life-giving, as well as those things which were hard or unhelpful.

2. Wonder what God has been saying to us over this time, in particular through Scripture, silence, the insight of another, and the movement of the sacred breath / holy spirit.

3. Ponder what we are being called to grow into. Life doesn’t go on hold just because there’s a pandemic. Just as our kids have continued to grow and thrive, our young church has grown and thrived: but what is it growing into? What are we being called to open ourselves to, or to feed or facilitate next?

Of course, this is not a corporate survey. We will not so much be canvassing opinion as listening for the Word, seeking the stirring of the sacred breath, and letting what emerges guide our next steps. In preparation, then, you are encouraged to spend some time with the Word, praying and wondering beforehand. To help you do this, over the next four Wednesdays you will be sent a reading related to being the church, as well as some guiding questions. You can prayerfully read alone, or with other members of your household or a friend. Forward any insights or glimmers to me, or bring them to  our conversation on 28 February.

As for the mechanics, the conversation will be framed, as always, by liturgy and prayer. Greg will facilitate the conversation part, and whatever emerges will be pondered at the leadership meeting on Tuesday 2 March and used to guide our next steps as a church.

Alison, for the leadership team

Emailed to Sanctuary on 27 January 2021 © Sanctuary, 2021. Image credit: Levi Jones on Unsplash.

Tools for the Journey

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