Wholly, holy, whole

Every week in our liturgy we pray, ‘We choose to be made whole.’ The words are simple; but the reality is complex. Here, Lucy wrestles with this reality.

Yes I could choose to be made whole
But it’s hard to work out how
When the you you know as un-whole
Is the you you know right now. 
Yes I guess I could chose to be made whole
But who would that actually be,
When the hole that is left by not being whole
Feels like a whole lot of me. 

The whole is more holy –
But maybe just in the sense 
It is more wholly known. 
The hole is less holy
But in its defence
Is it just that it hasn’t yet grown? 

I think that I’d rather 
Be whole than be holy
(does that make me holy yet?)
But how do I choose 
To be whole while holey?
That’s the part I’m still trying to get. 

I guess if I chose to be made whole
By trusting God made me wholly and holy 
Any whole that got left by not hoarding up holes
Should feel whole lots more like me.

If you are interested in questions of healing and wholeness, you might also like ‘Healing: Bringing together things torn apart.’ Read it here.

Emailed to Sanctuary on 30 September 2020 © Sanctuary 2020. Image credit: Unsplash.


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