Lenten readings 2020

Each year, we put together a booklet of readings for Lent on a theme. This year, our readings will focus on healing in the gospel according to Matthew, alongside our own stories of healing. You can read more about this here. The suggested readings are as follows:

Wednesday 26 Feb Psalm 51 Create in me a clean heart, O God
Thursday 27 Feb Matthew 1:1-17 Skeletons in the closet // Family history
Friday 28 Feb Matthew 3:1-12 Repentance
Saturday 29 Feb Matthew 3:13-17 Baptism // Beloved
Sunday 1 March LENT GATHERING 1  
Monday 2 March Psalm 91 No fear, plague or pestilence
Tuesday 3 March Matthew 4:1-11 Temptation
Wednesday 4 March Matthew 4:18-25; Matthew 12:46-50 Family ties // Relational dynamics
Thursday 5 March Matthew 5:1-16 Blessed are those who grieve
Friday 6 March Matthew 5:38-48 Practice nonviolence // The wounds of hate
Saturday 7 March Matthew 6:1-18 Pray like this
Sunday 8 March LENT GATHERING 2  
Monday 9 March Psalm 103 God forgives all your sins
Tuesday 10 March James 5:13-18 If any among you are in trouble
Wednesday 11 March Matthew 6:25-34 Worry not
Thursday 12 March Matthew 7:1-5 Judge not
Friday 13 March Matthew 7:7-12 Just ask!
Saturday 14 March Matthew 8:1-4 Be clean!
Sunday 15 March LENT GATHERING 3  
Monday 16 March Psalm 38 There is no health in my body …
Tuesday 17 March Matthew 8:5-13 Just say the word
Wednesday 18 March Matthew 8:14-17 Healing leads to ministry
Thursday 19 March Matthew 9:1-8 Take heart // The faith of friends
Friday 20 March Matthew 9:27-33 According to your faith …
Saturday 21 March Matthew 9:18-26 Take heart, daughter
Sunday 22 March LENT GATHERING 4  
Monday 23 March Psalm 41 You, O Lord, have mercy on me
Tuesday 24 March Matthew 9:35-38 Healing words
Wednesday 25 March Matthew 10:1-8 Begin at home
Thursday 26 March Matthew 11:1-6 Take it further
Friday 27 March Matthew 11:25-30 Releasing burdens
Saturday 28 March Matthew 12:1-13 Withered then whole
Sunday 29 March LENT GATHERING 5  
Monday 30 March Psalm 6 My soul is in anguish
Tuesday 31 March Matthew 12:16-23 The wounds of injustice
Wednesday 1 April Matthew 13:53-58 Blocks to healing
Thursday 2 April Matthew 15:1-20 Unclean food // clean heart
Friday 3 April Matthew 16:5-12 Toxic teachings
Saturday 4 April Matthew 17:14-21 Out of control
Sunday 5 April PALM SUNDAY  
Monday 6 April Psalm 73 It is good to be near God
Tuesday 7 April Matthew 19:16-30 Covetousness
Wednesday 8 April Matthew 20:1-15 Envy
Thursday 9 April Matthew 22:34-40 Legalism
Friday 10 April Matthew 25:31-26 Serving the king
Saturday 11 April Matthew 26:17-30 The most healing meal of all
Sunday 12 April DAWN SERVICE  

© Sanctuary, 2020. Feel free to use it in your own context – just shoot us an email and tell us about it!

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