Yarn: Epiphany: Unspooled!

A-ha! In six minutes or less, tell us about the time you realised you were an idiot, tripe tastes delicious, or the dog was right. We’re looking for extraordinary insights, sudden revelations, and the moment the scales fell from your eyes. 

Thanks so much to everyone who came to our first Yarn, and especially to those who shared their stories of epiphany. It was a magical evening, due entirely to your wonderful listening and to those who gave us the precious gift of their story. Our epiphanies included:

  • In the face of a child’s wonder, we must never explain things away.
  • We are called to ordinary life.
  • The kindness of strangers can run in families.
  • Affirmation and love might not come from our own families, but we do our work anyway, and take affirmation from wherever it comes.
  • There is much to learn about other people and other places, and that journey never comes to an end.
  • Volunteering rewards body, mind and spirit.
  • Adults must stick up for vulnerable children.
  • Saying a big ‘yes’ can have an interesting domino-effect.
  • Parenting choices can be contested spaces.
  • Sharing an insight at a critical moment can be profoundly healing (read here).

What a treasure-trove of life! It was such a generous time of listening and telling, and so lovely to have people stay talking long after the stories had been told. Thank you to everyone who came, and listened, and told, and brought a friend – I had a strong sense of us becoming, just for that evening, “a community of present contemporaries, people breathing together” (Ursula le Guin).

Next yarn: Saturday 16 March. Theme: Wilderness. Details here.

Whenever a text is spoken … and listened to, we become a community of present contemporaries, people breathing together. (Ursula le Guin)

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