Whitefellas barefoot

On Sunday, along with many other churches around the nation, we remembered the impacts of white colonialism on First Peoples. Our prayers included a smattering of Keerray Woorroong; we addressed God in pidgin; we listened to Aboriginal Christian leader Brooke Prentis speak; and we reflected together on what small steps we could do to increase our understanding both of the impact of colonialism, and of the country on which we live. Continue reading “Whitefellas barefoot”

Nothing like a good yarn

Dear friend,

On Saturday 19 January at 7pm, we will hold our first yarn: an evening for people to gather and tell stories. The theme is epiphany: a moment when you realised something deep and true about yourself or the world. More about the event is here; guidelines for storytellers are here. But what’s the big idea behind it? Well, we are story people. The stories we tell and the stories we inhabit create deep patterns in our minds, shaping how we see the world, each other and ourselves. Yet we are surrounded by untrue stories: the story that there is never enough to go round (dismantled here); the story that suffering is a cosmic or divine punishment (dismissed here); the story that some groups of people threaten the smooth workings of our society (deconstructed here); the story that wealth is a sign of God’s favour (demolished here); and many others. Continue reading “Nothing like a good yarn”

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