The gift of nothing(ness)

When I went to write this week, I just couldn’t think of anything to say. I simply had no thoughts or ponderings to share. It wasn’t an overwhelmed mind-blank, it was a pleasing peaceful break. Breathing space. This paradoxically got me thinking actual thoughts about nothing and I ended up writing the below prayer of thanks for nothingness. I share this with you now in the hope that you too, can feel some breathing space throughout this busy run to the end of the year.
In peace, Lucy

Prayer of Thanks for Nothingness

Thank you, God, for sweet nothingness,
And the substance it brings to all things:

For the empty air exhaled into expanding balloons,
The hush of closed curtains before a show’s start,
The savouring of swallowed coffee before the next sip,
The vast velvet dancefloor of stars, light years apart.

For the grace of extra wide margins and a well-spaced font,
The peace of an open horizon and the meditation it leads,
The mercy of those minutes between labour contractions,
And the joy of a garden bed hiding soon-sprouting seeds.

I thank You, God, for this nothingness,
Which I like to think was created in the Beginnings:
In that paused place, that still stopped space,
When after each stage You just stood –
And saw that it was good.

Emailed to Sanctuary on 4 December 2019 © Sanctuary, 2019. Image credit: Charles Magnuson on Unsplash.


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