Birthed by the Spirit: Beloved by God

Introduction: Sometimes, we respond to the readings (John 3:5-8 and Romans 8:12-17)  with a sermon. Sometimes, we have a conversation. Sometimes, like last week, people testify to God’s action in the world and their lives. And sometimes, we have a guided meditation which invites you to enter deeply into the readings. Tonight it’s a meditation. Listen to the song below; then work slowly through the meditation. Be aware that the meditation uses gendered language for God, language which the Biblical writers used. There are times when we analyse and even question this language: but tonight, I invite you to let it be. Instead, just rest in the imagery, and see what emerges in the silence. 


Welcome, little one, to the world. Well come.

You have decided for the world, God’s world:

and you have been brought into a family full of love and joy.

You have mothers and brothers and sisters here,

and they love you. They love you.

                        Look around, and rest in your family’s love.



Little one, God’s Spirit has gathered you into her arms, and you: you are beloved.

Before you were born,

she formed your inmost parts.

She knit you in your mother’s womb:

you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Nothing is hidden from her: she knows your deepest darkness:

and still … you are beloved.

                        Nestle in, and rest in the Spirit’s love.



Little one, your daddy is in heaven, and hallowed, holy, is his name.

His culture is come; his will is to be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

Your daddy gives you what you need each day,

and, just as you forgive others, he forgives you, too.

He leads you away from temptation, and frees you from all evil:

and he calls you his beloved child.

                        Feel the warmth, and rest in your daddy’s love.



Little one, your whole life is ahead of you. Let it unfold slowly, slowly.

There’s no hurry. Do not be afraid.

For wherever you go, and whatever you do,

Brother Jesus will always be with you.

He walks with you on the road,

and, as you journey together, he listens to you.

He teaches you.

He feeds you with heaven’s bread:

the perfect meal for your deepest hunger and hope.

                        Take his hand, and rest in your brother’s love.



Little one, welcome to the world. Well come.

God’s Spirit formed you, and birthed you, and still she beckons you on.

Beloved child of God, as you flourish and grow,

follow the Spirit’s leading with eagerness and joy

as she dances through the world like the wind.

Trust Brother Jesus,

and let the Spirit bring you

ever more deeply into God’s love.



Little one, abide in this love.

Abide in it, and bear it wherever you go.

It is for you, and it is for the world:

so pour it out in thought, word, and deed.

For God so loved the world …

God’s nature is always to have mercy …

Go now, and do likewise. Amen. Ω


A riff on John 3:5-8, Romans 8:12-17, Psalm 139, Wisdom 16:20-21, et al given to Sanctuary on 27 May 2018 (Trinity) © Alison Sampson, 2018. Image shows album artwork from The Women’s Boat by Toni Childs. Lyrics to Womb here.

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